Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Heart of a Hero

Who was your favorite hero growing up?

Was it just entertainment or something more?  Did you want to be Batman, Superman, or someone else?  Or maybe as you got older more realistic heroes dominated your imagination.

One of the major images or archetypes for men everywhere is the “hero.”

But how should we define a “hero”?

First, a hero leads the way.  It takes courage to be a hero.  Heroes usually have to lead themselves and accept personal responsibility; the buck stops with them.  Then a hero is someone willing to take responsibility for others in need.  Heroes have big ideas and visions that inspire others to follow.  A hero knows that he is setting the pace and an example for others to imitate.

Second, a hero saves the day.  A hero makes his mark through sacrifice.  A hero finds his reward in a job well done.  Heroes aren’t concerned with the spotlight but they do want to bring the best out in others.  Heroes lay down their lives for a cause and a people.  They die so that others can live.  A hero understands that his power is meant to serve and protect others.

Finally, a hero “gets the girl.”  There is a beauty to love in almost every heroic tale.  Why?  Well most men want a woman to love and most women want a man who will righteously lead the way and love sacrificially.   After accepting responsibility and learning to put the needs of others first, the hero can receive his love.  Vision and sacrifice precede the reward of a bride.

How do you define a “hero”?

Who are your favorite fictional heroes?

Who would you consider a hero today?

Let me know!  Please post your thoughts below.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio


  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    Superman Rocks Bro.

    Character, integrity, strength...and yes, he gets the girl. Lol.

    While I love the "idea" of Superman, we only really need "supermen" and heroes in times of crises. What we need today are men. As J. A. Rogers would say, we need to go from Superman to Man. God has blessed "man" as reflected in Psalm 8. Yes, be Superman and rescue your family, but, more importantly, be a man and don't abandon your family. When you do, you make them vulnerable to attack, and thus, Superman must Return. If Superman doesn't return, then the world (like ours) will learn to get along without him.

    Today's hero for me are men who have come back home to reclaim their families in the power and might of the Lord God.

    Rod- ICB

  2. Hey Rod,
    Please don't misunderstand the image of hero is already "super". I included the images for all the fellow comic book fans :-)
    But I believe at the heart of every man is a desire for the heroic.
    The challenge is embracing a "transcendent cause"; that life is bigger than ourselves. And seeing our desires for family, children and even success through God's eyes and for his glory.
    You are absolutely right about "superman." Can't wait for that the season for that teaching from you bro!
    Thank you!

  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2014

    this is why you lead ICB God bless you and all you do always and forever


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