Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Marriage Built on Surprises?

“In love, as in other matters, what you don’t know may hurt you.” Eric Copage

Here is a principle: Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge.  When you “assume” you can make an “ass” (um, donkey) out of “u” and “me.”  Even couples “in love” do this to each other.  They “assume” they know the other person.  Why?  Because human beings tend to “project” wants, needs or expectations on each other.  As long as some of my immediate needs or wants are being met (companionship, recreation, sex) we aren’t thinking about the future. 

The explosive power of a new affection can also keep us from looking deeper.  Sometimes we don’t look deeper because we are afraid that the truth will erase our fantasy.  Chasing a fantasy leads to poverty in relationships and business.

And here is another principle: When expectations are not met disappointment sets in.  Disappointment can lead to resentment that degenerates into emotional bitterness.  Bitterness like acid will destroy the relationship.  There was a good article titled “Marriage is Not Built on Surprises” written by Eric Copage for the New York Times on December 17, 2006.  I use this article when I teach the premarital class in Christian Cultural Center and the accompanying piece entitled “Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying.”  (Please note that I don’t agree with everything written in either of these articles.  If you are a Christian then eat the meat, spit out the bones.)

I’m not suggesting that you sit down on a first date and ask these questions.  But a Christian man should be serious about God and should be careful in every relationship to honor God.  The Christian man doesn’t date for “fun” or to fulfill his lust.  Sometimes attraction and friendship grow in a shared environment (like a college campus, etc) and quite naturally overtime.  That’s great. 

God will hold us accountable for our motives, our words and our actions.  We don’t deceive or lead a woman on for her to discover we aren’t going to commit.  God is not mocked.  He will avenge His daughters who are deceived by our willful persistence in lust.  So if you are in a relationship or considering one that will move toward marriage, here are some questions to answer BEFORE you even say, “I love you.”  I’ve adapted some of the questions from the NY Times article.

- Do you understand her spiritual beliefs and needs?
- Do our beliefs and do our ideas about spending and saving mesh?
- Do we truly listen to each other?
- Do we fairly consider one another’s ideas and complaints?
- Do we like and respect each other’s friends?
- Do we respect each other’s parents?
- Have we discussed whether or not to have children?
- If yes to children then who is going to be the primary care giver?
- How will you expose and train our children on religious/moral education?
- Have we discussed our expectations for how the household will be maintained?
- Are we in agreement on who will manage the chores?
- What are the agreed upon financial obligations and goals?
- Do we believe either set of parents will interfere with the relationship?
- Are there some things that you and I are NOT prepared to give up in the marriage?
- Are you clear about each others dreams and goals?

What do you think of these questions?  Were you able to read the NY Times article?

Please post your thoughts below.  And if you are married, what other questions do you think need to be asked or addressed before a single Christian man gets married?

Your brother,

Minister Onorio

Stages of a Man's Life

Rethinking Prophet, Priest, and King
In a previous post I connected the biblical offices of Prophet, Priest and King to us as men of God. 
But I’m also thinking about these biblical offices as stages in a man’s life.  Here is what I mean:

The Single Man as Prophet
Some men think this script is fun.  But not when they turn 45 and hit midlife crisis with tears of regret.  No pay increase.  No early retirement.  No rewarding career.  Singleness is not the time to play the field.  Singleness is the time to develop the field of your life by being a man of integrity, creativity, purpose and vision.
Prophets were set apart by God to speak His Word and represent Him before the people.  Where and how they lived marked them as God’s property.  They were incredibly creative, articulate and bold because they were crystal clear about their identity.
God may be calling you to be set apart as a single man for a season of personal and career development.  Your future wife needs a husband who is confident about who He is and where He is going.

The Husband as Priest
In another post I spoke about husbands taking the spiritual lead.  Prayer is an important part of a husband’s leadership but it’s not the only one.
For one, as High Priest, Jesus is able to sympathize with us.  Likewise as husbands, we need to practice listening skills and develop an understanding heart toward our wives.
We should create an atmosphere of tenderness in the home.  How?  By showing our wives consistent physical affection and loving words WITHOUT demanding or expecting SEX.  A wise husband knows that an atmosphere of tenderness increases spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy.
Men tend to find their identity in work.  Husbands have traditionally “banked” on being the financial provider.  But what happens if you lose your job?  Or what if your wife earns more money?  As priest of the home your leadership flows from who you are not your bank account. 

The Father as King
Being a father is a privilege.  Fathers are given a special crown.  A man needs to step up his game when he has a child looking up to him.
As a king Jesus took time for and protected children. We are called to guard, guide and govern our children.
How?  Let your words line up with your actions.  Let the rewards outweigh the punishment and praise more than you criticize your children.  Learn to bless your children by giving them the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.
Children look to daddy as Superman!  For children, a father is great just because he is daddy.  So let them be great in your eyes just because they are your children.  Give them a definition of manhood that they can run with. 
Be a strategic father and intentionally teach your children. Kings plan with vision for the long haul.  You can’t look for an immediate return with children.  Cut them slack.  Children are our legacy.  Your consistent investment will reap a righteous legacy at the right time.
It is good to be king.

Tell me what you think.  Please post your thoughts below.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio
This quote is from the article Child-Man in the Promised Land written by Kay Hymowitz for the City Journal Winter 2008 vol. 18 no. 1: 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things to know BEFORE you get married

Some Advice to My Single Christian Brothers

So you’re on the hunt for a wife?

Hold on!  Red light!

There are a few things you need to know RIGHT NOW about this woman.

Remember this principle: Marriage is not a construction project.

In real life when you kiss a frog it stays a frog.  I’m not sure if you’ll get warts but it’s certain that the frog won’t turn into a princess.

So before you croak and choke on a bad marriage make sure you know these essentials about YOURSELF and this woman you choose to love.

The attitude of the Christian man in marriage should be “till death do us part.”

So don’t make this commitment until you know the following:

Do you know her commitment to Christ?
I’m not talking about a sister who does the “church” thing.
What am I saying? If you are a born again Christian man don’t settle for anything less than a born again Christian woman. You walk with the wise then you grow wise.  You will become the company you keep.

If you marry a woman whose heart is far from the Lord, then your life and children will reflect that rebellion.

Is she submitted to authority?
A lot of brothers are turned-on by loud-cantankerous women but pay the price for it when life gets really serious.  Men want to be respected.  If she doesn’t respect her family or her boss then it is only a matter of time before she disrespects you.

I’ll say this again: Every man wants to be respected especially by his wife.  If a man isn’t respect by his wife then he can’t trust his wife with his heart.

How does she respond under pressure?
Brothers love to play Superman and save a sister in distress.  But crisis reveals the cracks in the character.  Under pressure does she lie?  Does she blame other people for her problems? To quote New Edition, “can you (she) stand the rain?”

Crisis doesn’t make a person. It reveals who they are.  Crisis reveals character.

Does she walk in moral freedom?
In other words, does she practice deception?  Is she greedy or materialistic?  Is she a flirt or does she use her sexuality to get what she wants? Do you want a woman who “needs” to have a drink or when she drinks gets bombed?

Remember marriage won’t change her character.  When you marry someone you are saying “I accept you for who you are.”

Is she comfortable in her own skin?
This is important because critical people are often unhappy with themselves.  You don’t need to marry a sister who doesn’t find her identity in Christ.  Too many people are overly concerned about the opinion of others and keeping up appearances.  My brother, you don’t need that kind of stress in your marriage.

Does she have a spirit of forgiveness?
If you are like most men, even Christian men, you are going to screw up.  Now there are varying degrees of screwing up in life. But in marriage, when you drop the ball, you are going to appreciate a wife with a spirit of forgiveness.

I’m not saying you marry a woman who is not going to hold you accountable.  Nor do you neglect your responsibilities and expect forgiveness because forgiveness is a gift.  But you want a wife who is FREE from resentment & bitterness.  The last thing you want is your future wife reliving past hurts with you or ON you.

Is she free of past hurts?  Does she accept God’s forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ?

And does she also admit when she is wrong?

Ask married Christian men about these things and I know they will tell you how important it is to know these things BEFORE marriage.

Nobody is perfect.  But these questions help you to enter marriage with your eyes wide open.  

Marriage is meant to be for a lifetime.  And a Christian husband (and wife) should be “ride or die!” or shall I say, “till death do us part.”

So how do you find these things out?  That will be in the next post on preparing for marriage.

Tell me what you think.

Post your thoughts below.

And be blessed!

Your brother,

Minister Onorio  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Four Principles of a Vibrant Marriage

A Christian man doesn’t fail on purpose.  And I don’t believe most men get married thinking, “I can’t wait to get divorced.”

So, how do we build our marriage on a solid foundation and teach other men to do the same?

What I want to share with you are key principles for a vibrant marriage.

Husbands and wives need to live by them.  But God calls the husband to take the lead.  Everything rises and falls on leadership!

Most of what I am about to share is based on Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans.

Each principle is centered on Genesis 2:24-25 which reads, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

This is appropriate because God made marriage.  Let’s take a look at the four principles.

Principle of Priority
“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother…”
In other words only God comes before your wife.  All other ties should have been loosened or relinquished so your wife should never feel jealous.
Her jealousy is legitimate when something else threatens the relationship or takes priority. Remember that God is “jealous” for his people when they go after idols.
There is a great scene in Spider-Man 3 where Peter and Aunt May are discussing marriage.  Aunt May asks Peter, “A man needs to put his wife before himself. Can you do that, Peter?”

Wow!  Even this comic book come to life hits us right between the eyes with the principle of priority!
Of course Peter says yes but throughout the movie he becomes self-absorbed, obsessed with revenge, and then completely alienates Mary Jane.  You don’t have to go to the movies to see this story play out around you.

Principle of Pursuit
“…and shall cleave unto his wife…”
When is the last time you gave your wife a surprise gift?  Do you still enjoy “date night” together?
Most Christian men don’t go around cussing at their wives.  But that doesn’t mean they shower their wives with love.  There are two kinds of sin; sins of commission (what we do wrong) and sins of omission (failing to do right).

The principle of pursuit is a reminder to take initiative and do what is right to keep the passion alive in the marriage.  One of the first things husbands stop doing is dating, romancing and “pursuing” their wives. Whether it’s complacency, life changes or taking her for granted, a lot of husbands stop pursuing their wives. When we become cold the marriage goes cold.  As goes the leader so goes the organization or the marriage.  If you want to keep waking up next to your wife then you need to “cleave” or pursue her with great energy.  

Marriage is work. But the “work” that counts is the stuff we did BEFORE we got married.  This also sets us up to be creative and to experience constant renewal.  We have to pursue our wives with tender words, loving touch and intentionally find ways to put a smile on her face.

Principle of Possession
“…and they shall be one flesh…”
I have plenty of personal and private time.  But I don’t have any secrets.  Nor is there a time when my wife doesn’t know where I am and with who. Our lives are interdependent and their isn’t anything I own that she can’t have.  My wallet and the bills are “ours.”  The children are “ours.”  The Bible makes it clear that even our bodies belong to each other.

Christian men should have private time with the Lord, personal space in the home and regular time to hang out with brothers.  But my time, talent and treasures belong to the commonwealth of the marriage.  The principle of possession makes it clear that the single life is dead.

Principle of Purity
“And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”
This principle affirms the need for purity of speech and actions.  Anything built on a lie has a terminal condition.  Lies eventually come to light and every sinful secret hurts the relationship spiritually before it’s exposed. How?  Secrets are a doorway for the enemy who is liar and accuser.

Trust is the hardest thing to earn and the easiest thing to lose.  And once trust is lost it takes a miracle to regain.  To have pure motivation toward our wives is the same as loving our wives as Christ loves the church.  Christ Jesus loves the church sacrificially, redemptively and unconditionally.

As Jimmy Evans teaches in his book, if we violate any one of these principles we hurt the marriage.  If we violate two or more, our marriage can end in divorce.

But living by these principles create a safe, happy and blessed condition called holy matrimony.

Please feel free post your thoughts or ask your questions below.

Be blessed,

Minister Onorio

Do You Still Hang With Mary Jane?

What’s wrong with smoking weed?

So some recent studies have given parents new nightmares about the world of teenagers. Teenagers are using more marijuana and less alcohol.   And if that wasn’t enough, cigarettes are less popular with teens but they are still smoking.  Guess what?  They are smoking marijuana.

You know I can’t remember one sensible Christian article on marijuana use over the past 10 years?

And yet I’ve had more than one Christian man ask me if it was okay for him to use marijuana.

How would you respond? Do you believe it is okay for a Christian man to smoke cannabis?

Here are some of my reflections on the subject of weed and the Christian man:

The Bible and Weed
There isn’t a direct reference to marijuana use in the Bible.  So does that mean it is okay to smoke weed?  The Bible doesn’t say anything about cocaine but it doesn’t mean you can go snort!  If we examine Biblical principles and values we can see that smoking marijuana is wrong for the Christian man.

For instance, even though alcohol use is prevalent in the Bible, the Bible condemns being drunk/intoxicated.  I would say that the Bible as a whole values self-control.
But having a glass of wine is not the same as smoking a joint.  Marijuana will impair your judgment and perhaps worse (I’ve seen people hallucinate from marijuana).

The “high” of marijuana violates the standard for self-control, discernment and wisdom expected by our Heavenly Father from His sons.

You are Going to Get Arrested
How long do you really think God is going to let you go around buying marijuana without getting arrested?  You are willfully breaking the law.  And Christian men who believe the Bible know that all government authority comes from God.  Should we follow the government in a sin against God?  Certainly not.  But smoking weed is not the same as the Civil Rights movement or preaching the Gospel in an oppressive government.

Our priority as Christian men is to be known as men of integrity and honor: Men who are a benefit not a detriment to our society.

You are Supporting an Intricate Chain of Lies and Murder.
There are men doing evil things to keep the drug trade moving.  That one act of purchasing cannabis puts you on their doorstep and you bring the weight of that evil to your lips, into your lungs and your spirit.  You need to remember that you are connecting yourself to a web of crime.  When Burger King sets up shop across the street from McDonald’s there isn't a shoot out.  Buying and selling marijuana supports multiple levels of crime and destruction especially among the poorest communities. 

You are Killing Your Manhood
There has always been a debate about whether marijuana makes a man impotent.  And while the very idea of impotence should send a Christian man running from any drug there is also another kind of weakness caused by marijuana.  It is a spiritual one.

Back in high school a teacher shared with me, “Onorio, marijuana kills ambition.”  I thought she was nuts.  But she was very serious and very right.  Every drug has a “spirit” like alcohol “depresses” and cocaine “speeds” things up.  My teacher wasn’t even a Christian but she left me with food for thought that became real years later.

Marijuana kills ambition.  Perhaps not in the beginning.  But it slowly chops away at a man’s creativity, innovation, leadership and vision.

Marijuana is a Cheap Substitute for God
Idolatry is seeking security and meaning in anything other than God.  Getting high is a substitute for thinking and feeling a dimension of existence that is only truly experienced with God.

Think about it. There are studies dedicated to how exercise, meditation and prayer help the mind experience “natural” highs and positive transformation.  So then what is weed or any drug except a quick and destructive way to experience a transcending and existential lift without God? 

I close by quoting my brother, Minister Dario Lariosa who asks, “What are you escaping from?  What are you hiding from?”  Getting high is an attempt to fill a gap in the human heart and mind, a great big hole that only God can fill.

What are your thoughts as a Christian man?

How would you answer a young man who asks you, “what’s wrong with smoking weed?”

Post your thoughts below.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Take the Lead

The Husband's Spiritual Leadership
A husband’s leadership is like a slow dance.  Your wife is in your arms, moving with you as you stay in step with the music.

How does a husband stay in step with God and lead his wife?

Here are some suggestions:

#1 Pray with your wife.
Prayer produces intimacy.  You grow closer to the person you pray for and with. And you grow closer to the ONE you pray to.  (This is also why NO husband should pray with a woman who is not his wife.  BUT that is for another post.)

Start by praying FOR your wife and even over your wife.  For instance, pray Psalm 20 quietly over your wife as she is sleeping next to you.  She doesn’t need to know but your Heavenly Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. 

Next, invite your wife to pray with you at least once a week depending on both your work schedules.  Praying together doesn’t have to be a longwinded experience.  In fact, pray the Scriptures together. Here is an example based on Numbers 6:24-26;

I pray that the Lord will bless and protect you my beautiful wife,
May the Lord always smile on you and give you His favor,
May He look you full in the face, give you peace and prosperity,
Because you are God’s gift to me and I love you, 
And I know the Lord loves you best,
May He help me to love you more,

See?  I would recommend her doing the same for you.  Here are great “his” & “hers” prayers from Philippians 1:3-11 (pray this for her) and Ephesians 1:15-29 (she prays this for you); copy, paste & rewrite to insert each other’s names.  I suggest you should open the prayer and she concludes the prayer. 

However, if your wife is a bit more introverted, encourage her to pray quietly.  While she prays quietly YOU pray quietly and WAIT!  Ask her to say “amen” to signify when she is done then you seal it with a loving kiss, embrace, and “thank you honey!

#2 Try fasting together.
Depending on your physical health fasting can be a great experience for a couple to share together.  Some couples I know fast together once a week, call each other on their lunch breaks to pray and enjoy breaking fast together.  It is a wonderful way to sacrifice time and self to God together!

#3 Read a devotional study together.
There are wonderful devotionals for individual use or for couples that can be incorporated into a couple’s spiritual life.  A devotional helps you to reflect and talk about God through the week.  It is a simple yet wonderful way to come together in God's presence.

#4 Enjoy a different kind of a movie night.
DVD teachings are a great way to share in a study of Scripture, topic, etc.  Most of the time we hear of a “movie” or “DVD” we are thinking entertainment.  But every once in a while, invest in a DVD focused on marriage or the Bible.  Most are in segments so you can watch a little bit at a time and talk about the subject afterwards.

Here is a warning: Do not use these activities to make up for not spending personal time with your Heavenly Father.  Your ability to lead in the home flows from your time with God!

Personally speaking, it has been a challenge to hold down a consistent devotional time with my beautiful wife.  We’ve done several things through the years and had fun doing them (some more than others).  Four children in the midst of career changes, school, and fulltime ministry always seem to change our lifestyle.

But early on in my relationship I made a commitment to pray for her, over her and speak life to my wife.  Early on I started to bless my wife because I knew she was a unique irreplaceable gift.  I say, “God bless you” when she sneezes and when I’m leaving the home, saying goodbye, or just thinking of her.  Before marriage I asked her to pray for me because I needed it.  And she did pray.  She continues to pray.  She is my greatest prayer partner.  She is my best friend.

As men we want tangible and immediate results.  Sorry brother.  God doesn’t work that way.  He rewards FAITHFULNESS and those who diligently seek His face.  And if you operate by faith the rewards will be awesome.
  • Your wife will respect you more
  • Your wife will be more sure and secure in your love
  • You will experience an increase in your love for your wife
  • You will both see things God’s way on major life issues consistently
  • Your emotional and physical intimacy will increase
  • You will enjoy greater peace, joy and God’s Presence in your home

Love is friendship set to musicTake the lead in the dance.  Be the man.  Be proactive.  Reject spiritual passivity.  Accept your responsibility as the husband.  Step out and lead courageously.  Believe God for great reward.

Please share your thoughts below on how a husband can lead spiritually or anything that comes to mine concerning this post.

Thank you!

Minister Onorio

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. And do everything with love. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 NIV

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Three Kings: Being Men of God

One of the best parts about my childhood was having “Santa Claus” on December 25th and Three Kings on January 6th.

You know what that means?

Twice the goodies/gifts in a twelve-day span!  The joys of being Puerto Rican in Brooklyn!

Okay, as a subscriber to the Reformation doctrine “sola scriptura” I don’t believe that Three Kings visited Jesus Christ.

The Bible says Magi from the east, probably Persian Astrologers (hence "wise men"), visited Christ Jesus. They were influential enough to receive an audience with King Herod and we don’t know how many traveled to Jerusalem.

That doesn’t mean that the story as told in extra-biblical Christian traditions doesn’t have value.  But there is plenty to reflect on as told in the book of Matthew.

To all my Hispanic/Latino people who are celebrating Three Kings Day (Los Tres Reyes Magos) have a blessed time!

I want to reflect on the Magi (Three Kings) as it relates to our manhood journey.

First, follow the light.
The journey of the Magi is a reminder to us that no matter how wise we think we are, no matter how wealthy we become, the true light and life is found only in Christ Jesus.

And this is why it is so important to stay humble.  Magi who were not Jews and did not have the Scriptures were more aware of God’s presence than God’s people.

This is scary!  Why?  Because the Father was drawing them to the Son and the people who held the Scriptures were only a pit stop on the journey.

Instead of running behind the Magi the people stayed in their palace and in their houses of worship.  What a warning to us concerning creature comforts, power and "bling"!  God didn't visit the wealthy and the self-righteous but the humble, the poor, the shepherds and the Magi.

Three Kings day actually coincides with another Christian tradition known as “epiphany” meaning light & illumination.  Are we living in the light?  Are we seeing our lives through the light of God’s Word?

Is your life a guide to the spiritual seeker or a pit stop on the journey?  God draws spiritual seekers who are looking for the light of God in Christ.  But are we ready to greet them?

Second, live a life of worship.
The Magi worshipped Jesus with more than a hymn but with gifts that said something about His identity and our responsibility.

Jesus received gold because He is the King of Kings.  Is Jesus in charge of our treasury?  Do we tithe to God?  Are we growing in the grace of giving?

They gave Jesus frankincense because Jesus was the answer to prayer and worthy of being prayed to as God the Son.  What is your prayer life like?  Do you go to God in prayer only when you are in a jam?  Do you plan, prepare and strategize your life bathed in prayer?  Prayer is the language of trust, submission and dependence on God.

Jesus was given the gift of myrrh in preparation for His burial.  He was to lay down His life for our sins.  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  So are you dying daily to selfish desire? Have you thought about what you want others to say at your funeral?  How you live now determines your eulogy later.

Are you planning for others to praise you or criticize you when you die? Even Socrates said that, “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

Third, don’t walk alone.
The tradition of the Three Kings is a reminder of friendship among Kings.  If you walk with the wise then you will grow wise.  A triple-braided cord is not easily broken. We need genuine friends on this journey in Christ.

Are there men in your life that you are encouraging?  Do you have men in your life that encourage you?  I imagine the Magi working TOGETHER to follow the star. I imagine that if they were Kings they were sharing best practices and wanting the best for each other. Perhaps if they were Kings they fought battles together.  As Magi, I wonder if they cheerfully debated over the signs and wonders.

Here is a recommendation if you aren’t already doing this; pray once a week with two other men. Get a free conference number, call each other only to say hello and to pray.  Hang out and catch up on the game on another day.  But learn to pray with other men. (I recommend this to my sisters who are reading as well: Pray.)

It will transform your life for the glory of God.

Fourth, build across the divides.
The tradition of the Three Kings is filled with all kinds of legends about each of the Kings representing the sons of Noah.  In the images of the Three Kings at least one of them is visibly Nubian. It is a shame that this tradition seems to have done little to prevent racism in the church.

But the Biblical witness and the tradition are both reminders that God works where He wants to work.  And that our God is working to bring people across racial, ethnic, social and economic divides.  Human nature always draws to the familiar and the comfortable but our God welcomes strangers and reconciles enemies.  We are supposed to be a new holy race of people, like a “third culture” as Dave Gibbons puts it, in the world but not of it.  Where the best of every culture is preserved AND appreciated but at the same time IT'S a great melting pot where God does His cooking; a divine sancocho ( but I think God prefers grilling).

Do you reach across social, ethnic, racial and economic divides?
Do you welcome strangers into your circles of relationship who don't look like you?

Finally, listen for the voice of God.
Your ability to hear from God for yourself is your greatest asset!

  God used the religion of the Magi to bring them to a place of seeing the Savior of the world with their own eyes.

  In the beginning they followed signs.  

But then God gave them a dream and deepened His relationship with the Magi.

  A pilgrimage, time away from regular life toward the Holy, is meant as a journey to know God better and experience personal renewal.  They came as Magi and left as sons of God.

The Magi after worshipping Jesus Christ were warned in a dream not to return to Herod.  They saw Herod not as a great king but as a great evil.  The Magi took another route home.  God can use anything to get your attention but once you come to the Son you won’t leave the way you came.

They were transformed and now God was speaking to them in their dreams just as he was speaking to Joseph.

Have you been listening for the voice of God?

Do you take your time to hear His voice in the Holy Scriptures?

Do you take the time to worship the Lord so that you can be transformed and see things from His point of view?

Please share your thoughts and your questions.  

I pray that you will have a deeper journey with the King of Kings and the Only Wise God!

Your brother,

Minister Onorio

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