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Listen to host John Rivera, Craig Holliday (men's director at the Brooklyn Tabernacle) and yours truly discussing the need for men's ministry in all churches.  It was my first radio interview and I'm not afraid to admit being nervous.  But it was great to sharpen iron with John, Craig and to share the International Christian Brotherhood's model of ministry to men.

Please take a few minutes to listen and please post your thoughts and questions.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio


  1. Minister O, This is an awesome interview, very well articulated & informative; a great blueprint for men to follow. Just a thought: There should be a curriculum implemented for the little boys in Sunday school & male teenagers in C3, to get the ball rolling to catch them early; creating divine structure & balance as they grow… Congratulations & continue to be a blessing!

  2. Minister OnorioNovember 23, 2010

    thank you! And that is a wonderful vision! Keep it in prayer and keep us CCC/C3/ICB in your prayers :-)

  3. Minister Chaparro,

    Excellent interview with you and Craig. You represented Christ and CCC in a spirit of excellence and spoke very clearly the vision of ICB and its mission. May we all embrace that same level of excellence when we are called upon to represent the kingdom!

  4. @Reader: Thank you!!! Praise the Lord!


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