Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Chosen Lifestyle, Part I

Designing Life’s Framework

How does a Christian man stay in step with God in a busy and noisy world?

Adopt the Rule of Life.  This is an ancient way to cultivate an “ever increasing relationship with the Master.”   The word for “rule” comes from the Greek word for trellis.  A trellis is a construction that helps plants, like grapevines, grow upward.  By getting the plant off the ground the trellis helps it bear more fruit.

The "Rule of Life" is more than a list of things to do.  The "Rule" is a guide or a framework for designing a Spirit-filled lifestyle.

In this framework, map or chart for your life, there are four key areas.

Think of your heart as the seat of your will.  Your heart is synonymous with your central motivating factors; why you think, believe and do what you do.

Our muscles don’t simply need to be flexed they need to be refreshed in Christ.

The quality of our relationships is a direct reflection on the quality of our relationship to God.

Our work is most meaningful and successful when we see it from God’s point of view.
Our Father has charged us from the beginning to "work" and to "keep."  This is the Masculine Mandate to cultivate productive lives and to protect from danger.  This framework helps us to see the landscape of our lives with Christ at the center.

In my next post I’ll connect each part of this framework with the practices that will:
  • Help us stand in Christ
  • Shape our character
  • Keep our lives purposeful and productive
What’s your framework?
Are you familiar with the “Rule of Life”?
How have you connected spiritual disciplines or practices with your relationships and your work?

Let me know your thoughts.  Post below. 

Your brother,

Minister Onorio

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