Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Key to Freedom

What is a major key to spiritual and moral freedom?

It is found in one word.  Oh it’s an ugly word for many men.

That one word is submission.

If you fail to submit to God then you have no power over the flesh, the world or the devil.

Men look for everything else but submission.  We love the illusion of independence and autonomy.  We run to the altar thinking some preacher will just “lay hands” and we will be “delivered.”  Now that does happen.  But you still have to submit in order to maintain the new territory given to you.
  • Submission is trusting God enough to do things his way.
  • Submission involves the humility to let God dictate how you live.
  • Submission and freedom in Christ are synonymous.
In other words submission to God involves a process of accountability and lifestyle change.

What does submission to God look like?
  • It looks like a man paying for Covenant Eyes so that trusted brothers monitor his Internet use.
  • It looks like a single man choosing to live with other godly men instead of boasting in a bachelor pad.
  • It looks like a married man who doesn’t keep secrets from his wife.
  • It looks like the brother who will check into rehabilitation and cooperate with counselors.
  • It looks like a man changing his diet and going to the gym instead of praying the fat away.
Oh yes, I know what I am saying isn’t “sensual” or “sexy” or easy.  But it’s the truth.  The truth sets you free.

God delivered me from drug addiction.  But I needed to submit to a process and to godly counsel for my negativity, purity and pride.

You see pride is the strength of sin.  And God will give you a process to submit to in order to break that pride.

We couldn't save ourselves from hell.  Jesus Christ did that.  And we still have no wisdom or power without God.

How is God calling you to submit?

Remember, God goes against the proud, but he gives grace to the humble.

If you are humble then you are adaptable.  If you are adaptable then you are submitted.  If you are submitted then you receive wisdom and power from God.

Please post your questions and thoughts below.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio


  1. I discovered a timeless fundamental from Romans, 6 i think it was. Paul is discussing the claim that if we are free in Christ, aren't we able to do anything that comes to mind?
    The principle he says is basically this: if it doesn't promote freedom, it's not freedom. If getting into drugs will compromise your freedom, don't do it. Submission will never compromise freedom. We must remember that we actually don't know what freedom is apart from Christ. It's a leadership principle that, for example, if you want to be a millionaire, you learn from the millionaire, not someone who isn't one. You want to learn freedom, get it from the one who mastered it, through submission.

    Love you brother. Great post.

  2. my brother! Thank you for sharing and articulating biblical principle so wonderfully!
    And thank you for continuing to abide in Christ!


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