Friday, March 25, 2011

Take Off the Masks

What mask did you put on today?
Are you wearing a mask?

Men are wearing masks all around us.

We see it in the hood when young men join a gang and put on a mask of defiance.

We see it in the womanizer who is too selfish and insecure to share his heart with one woman.

We see it in the workplace and in the CHURCH where men ask “how you doing? And respond with “I’m good” then quickly shift to talk about sports or politics.

Some masks are a form of protection.  Men don’t like to appear weak or vulnerable.  “I got this!” we say and all the while we need to stop and ask for directions.

Establishing boundaries is not the same as wearing masks.  Don’t let everyone into your business and don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.

Wearing a mask has to do with hiding.  All sin manifests in hiding.  But hiding creates distance between us and God and the people we are called to love.

What masks are you wearing?

Take off the masks with God.  A lot of men “pray” but don’t really and honestly share with God what they feel, believe, or struggle with.  Run boldly before the throne of grace to receive help from your Father.  Embrace the truth and stop walking in lies.

Because of the Spirit of God you can keep it real with God.  You don’t have to perform to be accepted by our Father.  He knows EVERYTHING and we need his power to walk in freedom from sin.  We have to trust, surrender and receive his grace by faith.

And do you have men in your life that can keep it real with you?  When you’re struggling do you have brothers you can call?  When you’re tempted do you have a safe place where you can go? 

Most of the time all we need to do is to confess to a brother and we break the power of sin. 

Why?  Because God gives grace to the humble.

Only the true-faced can receive power to walk in victory.  The false-face, mask wearing, religious man is trapped in the nature of sin.  Ed Cole said, “Unbelief is the basis of sin. Pride is the strength of sin. Deceitfulness is the character of sin.”

Be free brothers.  Be real with God.  Make that phone call.  Take off the mask and walk in freedom.

  • What kinds of "masks" do you see around you?
  • Why else do you think men wear masks?
  • How and when did you begin to take off your masks?
Please post your questions and thoughts below.

Yours brother,

Minister Onorio

Lord Jesus, you are the way, the truth and the life.  You desire truth in the inward parts.  Help us to walk in truth and take off the masks by keeping it real with you in prayer.  Teach us to walk in your strength and the confidence that comes from being accepted by your grace.  And give us other brothers who will be committed to walking with you and to being real not false men. In this way by the power of your Spirit may you have men of valor who walk in your truth bringing you glory.  Amen.

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