Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Such Thing As Entrapment

There is a lot going on when we are being tested.

Testing reveals:
  • The quality of our faith
  • Our character and values
God doesn’t tempt his people to sin.  The world system and the devil tempt us to sin against God.  But every temptation is a test used by God to increase our faith and grow us up.

God wants to purify a man’s heart through the test.  But the Enemy is banking on our selfishness, lust and unbelief to kick in so we fall into temptation.

Need an example?  Your boss wants you to lie to a client or fudge the numbers.  Your Father in Heaven wants you to trust in God.  The Enemy is banking however that you’ll cave in for fear of losing your job.

Wow!  All of that spiritual activity going on!

Here is an important principle for the Christian man: We take responsibility for our actions because there is no such thing as entrapment.

The Enemy traps us based on our desires, inclinations and receptivity to certain “sins.”  We are tempted to sin based on what is already inside of us. 

We can only be enticed or incited to sin against God based on what is already within us.

What tempts you?

The real conflict is on the inside.
Will you trust your Father God?
For example, I could be fasting but Lemon Cake isn’t going to tempt me to eat.  No matter how hungry I get I don’t want Lemon Cake.

But I drool over a Hershey’s chocolate bar.  Forget about the sight of cheeseburger! 

It’s our own evil desires that drag us away from God and entice us.  It is when our desires grow in us, instead of taking them to God and confessing them to our brothers that we give birth to sin.

And sin leads to death.

What’s a brother to do?

Be honest.  Admit your desires both to God and those who hold you accountable. 

Judge those desires.  See evil for what it is not what you hope it will be.

Stay humble and trust that your Father will supply for all your needs.

Understand this principle: Many temptations to sin against God are based on legitimate needs.  But will you try to fulfill those needs in an illegitimate way?  Will you fulfill your needs for intimacy, security, comfort or acceptance (or other needs) in a way that brings life or brings death? 

One thing is for certain my brother.  You can’t blame the world or the devil for giving into sin.  It was already in us.

But if you are a Christian, the Spirit is also in you.  And the Spirit wants to satisfy every thirst, heal every wound and strengthen you to pass the test.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio

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