Friday, March 11, 2011

Better or Bitter: The Reasons for the Test

I hate tests.  Do you?  And I definitely don’t like pop quizzes.

Okay so maybe it depends on the kind of test.

But it’s been said that everything in life is a test.

And the Christian life is full of tests.

To be tested can mean:

  • To test means to reveal something or someone’s quality of character and faith.  So a circumstance or situation comes to “test” or reveal who we really are and who trust.  So Abraham was tested by God to give up Isaac in order to “prove” or “show” or “demonstrate” the quality of his faith.
Please note: The next two definitions for “test” are synonymous with being “tempted” or “enticed.”

  • Testing also refers to the attempt by an opponent to “trap” us or for an enemy to prove that they are “stronger” than us.  The Pharisees tested Jesus through their questions in order to publicly shame him or get a reason to have him arrested. 
  • Finally testing refers to an attempt to get us to sin against God.  The classic example is the Serpent’s lie to Eve to get her to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
All three parts are almost always involved in every test we face.

Why?  God’s objective in testing us is to make us better.  The Father wants to purify our faith, increase our courage, and to make us sharper than our enemies.

The world system and the devil are gunning for our downfall.  Their desire is to have us distrust our Father, take matters in our hands, or lean on our own strength.

Through the test God wants to make us better.  Our enemy wants to fill us with the bitterness of unbelief, selfishness and pride.

Do you feel tested right now?  Do you feel like you are going to cave in?

In whatever test you face believe that our Father doesn’t give us more than we can bear.  Our true elder brother, the Lord Jesus Christ knows what we are going through.  He will help us and Jesus is praying for us.  In fact the Spirit of God is in us to give you wisdom if us ask, insight, and strength.

We have to put in the sweat but the Three in One God has us covered.

And when is the last time you shared what you are going through?

Call on God.  Call your friends.  Stay humble and receive God’s grace.

God will make it and make you better.

Please post your thoughts below.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio


  1. Tests are a part of life. What makes the difference is how we deal with the tests. Men of God rely on Him to bring them through the tests. Men of their own will trust in their own limited strength and understanding. In addition, Men of God allow the test to ultimately mature them. Men of their own will develop a false sense of their ability that can fail them.

  2. Thanks Karl!
    May the Spirt of God help you to pass every test, and should we fall, may we rise because of the grace of Christ Jesus!


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