Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Burden of Boredom

I hate being bored.

Do you?

But what does being bored say to us?  If I feel physical pain in my hand don’t I respond to holding and inspecting my hand?

When we feel something – sadness, anxiety, etc. – it is a warning sign that something is wrong.

Emotions tend to follow thoughts.  So examine what you're thinking.  Emotions also signal an opportunity to ask God to inspect our hearts. 

Boredom can be defined as an emotional state resulting from a lack of activity or interest in a subject and even lack of concentration.  It is unpleasant and can be frustrating for men.

How do we deal with boredom?  Well most people seek to do something “fun” or exciting. 

That usually lasts for a moment but then we are looking for something else.

So when you are bored consider this:
  1. Are you living your life on purpose?  Pastor AR Bernard said that, “life is best when designed around purpose.”  Are you intentionally designing a life or passively going with the flow?  Are you maximizing your potential by developing your gifts and talents?  When you live on purpose you design your calendar to reflect your interests and your values.
  2. Do you understand the purpose of healthy recreation?  Rollercoaster rides are great!  But a rollercoaster life is ultimately destructive.  Balance is the key to life.  Do you also enjoy simplicity?
  3. Have you learned to give your life to others in service?  Are you mentoring someone?  When is the last time you spent time in community service?

We live in a world addicted to novelty, sensuality and shock.  Ancient Rome sank to the place of entertaining themselves by seeing others die in the Coliseum.  We haven’t gone that far yet but no one will argue about the increase in nudity, profanity and bloodshed on TV.

Living for pleasure is the way of children and the socially maladjusted.  Living life on purpose is only way for a man of God live.

Only passive men are bored men.  You can’t handle life with a limp hand. 

Be proactive.  Be intentional.  Boredom means you aren’t living or designing your life around purpose.

Please post your thoughts below.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio

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