Monday, January 30, 2012

Lead to the Fight

“Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” Matthew 4:1 NIV

Jesus is thrown into conflict immediately after being affirmed by God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

And guess what?  It was the will of God that Jesus would face Satan in this cosmic showdown. 

What is the wilderness?  The wilderness is an uncultivated place and needs to be transformed.  It can be a dry place where it is hard to find nourishment.  The wilderness can seem to be a lonely place or at least a hard place to sense or feel God’s presence.

Wow.  This is a rough way to end what would seem to be a great spiritual and emotional high.  Only a verse before this chapter we read the Father’s words, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” 

Here are a few reminders for us from this verse:
1. The Spirit of God leads us into and in the wilderness.  No matter what your life looks like or feels like right now believe that the Spirit of God is with you.
2. Affirm your identity as a son of God.  Being tested doesn’t mean you stop being a son of God.  Being tested is the opportunity for you to stand as a son of God.
3. Depend on the Holy Spirit.  You cannot defeat the devil in your own strength and wisdom.  The Spirit leads you so that you could also lean on His strength.
4. The Lord promises never to test you more than you can bear.  And with every test there is a door of escape.

- What are your thoughts on the Wilderness?
- What are your questions and thoughts about the passage in Matthew?

Please share below!

Your brother,

Minister Onorio

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  1. It is interesting that in the model or the Our Father prayer, Jesus says, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one. Could he have been reflecting on his experience with Satan in the desert of wilderness? Now you said Minister that it was the will of God that Jesus would face Satan in this cosmic showdown and I agree, absolutely. I mean this testing showed that Jesus was truly the Son of God. Also how could Jesus show his true obedience if he never had the opportunity to be tested. It showed not only Jesus obedience and integrity to his Father, but also that Satan is real and that Jesus was human. One may argue that that was not fair because God knew that Jesus would stand and pass the test. Well God knows that we will stand and pass the test as well. Interestingly Jesus was able to resist all of the devil’s temptations because he not only knew the Scriptures, but he also obeyed it. Satan on the other hand, may have known the scriptures, he did not obey them. So Scripture and Obedience go hand in and. It was not a cake walk for the Master, Jesus who gave up his divinity so we best be alert and ready. In that cosmic showdown, Jesus swung the Sword. What are we swinging?

    Just as Satan tried to get Jesus to concentrate on worldly powers rather then Godly plans; he will try the same on us.
    The temptation focused on there major areas
    1. Physical needs and desires
    2. Possessions and power
    3. Pride

    Satan is trying to get us to live his way or our way rather then God’s way. But a serious study of God’s word, especially the broader contexts of specific verses will help us understand God’s principles for living and what he wants for our lives. And never leave out the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus was in the desert to fast no to eat. What are we in the wilderness for?

    Thank you, Minister O, for this food for thought.

    In Christ Business
    Jesus Ferrer


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