Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It is Good to Be King

God, Man and the Image of the King
One of the most powerful images in the hearts of men is the image of the King.  The King is an archetype deep in every man’s psyche.  Kings still abound today whether we call them Presidents, Prime Ministers, or even CEOs.

This is because we’ve been made in the image of THE Supreme King.  We were mandated to work (develop) and keep (protect) the garden.  So we are also called to “rule” over a particular territory or “garden.”

What’s our “garden” today?  You might say it begins with our relationship with God, with others and God’s purposes in our lives.

Christ Jesus still calls us to have dominion over our lives.  How?  Here are a few quick thoughts:

  1. Be defined by your relationship with the Father.  Don’t be defined by your work, your past or even what you lack.  Define yourself as a son of God.  If you allow others to define you then they can control you.
  2. Get a vision from God for your life.  Kings need to have a vision for every area of their kingdom and for the future.  The clearer your vision the greater the direction of your leadership. 
  3. Invest in the future success of others.  Our rule doesn’t last forever and kings were meant to raise up others to rule.  Who are you mentoring?  Who will take your place and position on the job, at the church and in your family?  There is no real success without a successor. 
Christ Jesus covered all three of these bases: identity, vision and investment.
  • Do you have these three bases covered?
  • Do you consciously think of yourself as a son of God?
  • Do you consciously rejoice in being made spiritual royalty?
  • Are you confident in your vision for your life? 
  • If you have ever been mentored, who was the “king” that helped you walk into your own dominion?
Please post your thoughts below.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio

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