Monday, April 11, 2011

Lions & Lambs

Are you a lion or a lamb?  Awkward question? 

Balance is the key to life.  When we are balanced we experience freedom to be who we are and work creatively.

Men of God need to know how and when to be tough and tender.  We need to know how to be men of steel and velvet.

Fallen human nature goes to extremes.  Either we are all tough or all tender.  Or we end up being tender when we should be tough and tough when we should be tender.

There was a time when the dominant images of manhood were “tough.”  Now we see more images of men who lack initiative, backbone and vision. 

When men tried to be lions without God they devoured each other and hurt families.  Now it seems the pendulum has swung and men are acting like dumb sheep lost in the wilderness. 

Jesus Christ embodies balance.  In Christ is the perfect harmony of human and divine nature; both are present but not mixing together.  So he is fully human and fully God.

Jesus is both the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God.  Jesus welcomed and blessed children but rebuked his grown men disciples.  Jesus called King Herod a fox and the religious leaders a brood of vipers but wept over Jerusalem.  He made a whip to drive out the thieves from the Temple and was moved with compassion for the multitudes.  Jesus could boldly declare, “I am the way, the truth and the life” and wash the feet of his disciples.

Reverend AR Bernard taught that character determines the use of power.  The saying that, “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is not true.  God is all powerful yet good, just and holy.  Jesus raised the dead, quieted the storm and regenerated body parts but his power was in service to the Father and to others.

Christianity doesn’t emasculate men.  The Spirit helps us to walk like Jesus: to use our masculinity to empower and not to enslave.  Like Christ we can bring the best out in others and not to oppress.  By the Spirit we can do what is right by others, love being kind to others and live humbly with our God.

Please post your thoughts below.
  • Do you think of Jesus as more “lamb” than “lion”?
  • Do you think that churches have tried to turn men into lambs?  If so, how? 
  • Who are some men that you know of that are good examples of being both tough and tender?
Your brother,

Minister Onorio

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