Friday, September 30, 2011

The Beauty of Respect

Respect is a beautiful thing.  Respect is foundational for any healthy, long-term relationship.  Especially marriage.

Respect is synonymous with being honored or esteemed. 

Husbands and wives need to honor and esteem each other in very unique ways.

When a husband honors his wife he can see all the women in a room but his eyes are on his wife.  A wife needs to be esteemed as unique by her husband.  A woman’s uniqueness is one reason why God always intended marriage to be monogamous.

Even single men need to know that a wife who respects them is better than marrying a supermodel.  That supermodel is going to look really ugly when she cuts you up with her words or acts disrespectfully.  The way to a man’s heart is to honor him: to make him feel like he is ten feet tall. 

To bring the beauty out of your marriage, husbands should honor their wives by:

Being consistent.  Honor your wife by making sure that your actions match your words.

Being decisive.  But talk about and plan family budgets, decisions and dreams together.  Honor your wife’s views, opinions and dream together so you won’t grow apart.

Being her one and only.  Make sure that your wife knows that you cherish her.  Honor your wife in your private prayers, in your thought life and in your actions with tenderness. 

So tell me brothers, what truths about respect do you wish more women understood?

And tell us, what advice would you share with men about the value of respecting women?

Please post your thoughts below.

Your brother,

Minister Onorio 


  1. The very word respect bespeaks relationship -it is not optional. When you speak about the location of even two objects the description describes each in respect or in relation to another. So to with husband and wife...the relationship is based in love and respect. A lack of respect is a fraying if not a severing of relationship. A lack of respect and disrespect are not the same though. A lack of respect usually comes from an assessment based on the disappointing habits, actions or judgments of an individual. Disrespect, however, is a willful act to harm or abuse. It is a combined sub-humanization and punishment. It requires 'demigod-ing' [elevating yourself as if a god below GOD but higher than man] yourself into a judgment seat and inflicting wrath. Forgiveness, realistic expectations, repentance and accountability help maintain respect. If you have never invested prayer, encouragement or loyalty, your loss of respect to your spouse is a prideful escape from neglect. What you so you reap. What you fail to water and nuture [which is respect] will die. Respect if the life and evidence of your relationship

  2. I wish more women understood that a man who feels respected will usually go out of his way to fulfill your wishes. It is so that he may live up to the honor you just paid to him. As a result, you need not fill inferior by paying him respect but rather feel strategic.

  3. Thank you my brothers for sharing!

  4. Its some thing I didn't do but by reading that..... tells me that. I'm not the man I thought I was that's why I go through so much but..... I know I will be a better person if I keep in touch with god and keep my self more in to my life with god....... and I will have a lot to tell my good friends that do want to be with a girl who they say there in love with

  5. Thank you Jar2217 for sharing! Let me know if you want to explore your reflection further by sending me an email at God bless you and keep you!


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