Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random Valentine’s Day Thoughts

Am I the only dude…
Okay, am I the only dude that can’t wait to punch “Saint Valentine” in the nose when kingdom comes?  If he was a brother shouldn’t the Valentine’s Day shelves be filled with chocolate AND tool belts?  How about flowers and work boots?  Just thinking…

So what’s the holiday good for?
If you are a married man this is a great opportunity to renew your marriage.  That is one of the practical purposes of holidays (or holy days of any kind).  Holidays are an opportunity to renew faith, commitment, vision, etc. 
You can’t make up for screwing up.  But you can ask forgiveness and start being consistent with your words, actions and tenderness toward your wife.

Avoid the traps my single brothers…
People can be swept away by the commercialism, the fantasies and the lust in the air.  If you are a single brother starting a relationship with a woman DON’T BE STUPID.  Yes, get her gift, taker her out, etc. but don’t make commitments you are not ready to keep. 
The gifts on Valentine’s Day tend to say, “I love you” either literally (cards) or symbolically (an expensive piece of jewelry).  If you don’t love her, then don’t sin against God and her by leading her on just to keep her around.

A time to be alone…
Probably one of the real reasons I think Valentine’s Day is still bogus is how it can make single men (and women) feel.
The devil is a liar. 
Don’t feel left out.
Instead, recognize that God set you apart.  Your singleness is an opportunity for you and God to develop your gifts, talents and abilities. 
And if you aren’t happy with your vision or career then STAY SINGLE!  Take a year and figure this out.  THEN you are in a better place to take responsibility to go into a courtship that could lead to marriage.

What’s love got to do with it?
I don’t believe all the pressure to find the perfect gift really spells love.  I am sure it spells consumerism and credit card debt.  But what’s love got to do with it?

Lord God, pray, help us this Valentine’s Day to remember the difference between love and lust.  That love is the desire to benefit the other person at the expense of self.  For the husband this means listening to his wife, matching his words with his actions, being consistent to build security and trust, creating an atmosphere of tenderness with his wife and so much more.  For the single man who is dating it means trusting YOU enough to stay sexually pure, to pray about this woman and where the relationship is going.  For the single man who is not dating, help him to renew his vision and optimism concerning his future in YOU.  Help us to remember that lust is the desire to take and gratify itself at the expense of the other person.  Help us Lord to be men of integrity.  We want to be men who operate out of love and worship not lust and idolatry.  This we pray and so much more in Jesus Name, amen.

One final thought...
I thank you God for my wonderful wife, Adrienne.  Everyday with her is Valentine's Day and more.  Continue to help us stay in step with your Spirit, your Word and each other.  Help me to always be the husband she needs: To be a husband after your own heart.  Amen.

What are your random Valentine’s Day thoughts?

Any questions about what I’ve shared?

Please post below and you can even be “anonymous” :-)

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day 2011!

Your brother,

Minister Onorio


  1. I am with you. I'd like to punch out St. Valentine myself. I typically don't celebrate this day. I don't believe just one day should be set aside to show your love. It should be done daily. With kind words, gestures or support. I hope the ladies don't think it's only a day for them though

  2. Rome,
    I feel you bro. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amen Brother Minister!

    It is also a time to teach your boys the value of giving in a realtionship. Shopping for Wifey (Mommy) with the boys is fertile ground for laying the foundation of being a husband as it opens the floor for questions. Love you man


  4. @Anonymous who is really Jeremy,
    Thank you my brother! Those are GREAT thoughts, a GREAT idea! I like that a lot my brother.

  5. Made the wife a terrific candle light dinner. Orange Glazed Salmon, Sauteed vegies and some home style mahi mahi and some wine. Priceless

  6. The continual renewing of our minds is required. Thank you for turning on the spin cycle Min O.

    I believe the greatest useable power is love and it is the greatest innovation that continues to prevail throughout time, cultures, mindsets, laws and realms of existence.

    So great is the value of love that counterfeits are continually being made and sold to seekers and buyers who are unwilling to pay the full price which is at the expense of self over the course of time.

    In an instantaneous world the cost of love is too much. For those looking for the short cut, caveat emptor (buyer beware) the seller of the counterfeit will get you coming and going. If you don't heal through truth, understanding and forgiveness you will end up asking for more of the counterfeit or perpetrating it to someone else.

    I wish I would have been wiser in my time on both sides of the table. But thank God for His truth that sets us free. You will not see one more of the many Johnnie Apple Seeds this year.


  7. Victor,
    Wow. Thank you for sharing brother.


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