Thursday, February 3, 2011

Attraction is Spiritual

Most men are drawn to a woman based on what they see.  We tend to be visually oriented and go for what “looks good” on the outside.  It takes a mature man to remember that physical beauty is only skin-deep. 

Attraction: Physical? Spiritual?
Both? More?
Mutual attraction is mysterious, exhilarating and should set off alarms.  A single Christian man can avoid a lot of heartache by remembering this principle: Attraction is not just physical, but spiritual.  The world calls it “vibes” or “chemistry.”

Haven’t you ever wondered why a beautiful woman will marry an “ugly” dude? Beauty and the Beast is not just a fairytale: A woman’s love makes the beast a prince in her eyes.  Because women tend to be drawn to a man’s character more than his appearance.

Or how is it that in a club (or church) with hundreds of people the abuser is able to find his/her victim like shark drawn to blood in the water.

Think about Jenny in the movie “Forest Gump.”  I know what many of you are thinking: “Run Forest, run!”  But it was Jenny who was really on the run.  Wounded by her father’s sin, Jenny ran to one abusive relationship after another.  Poor Forest would pitifully cry out, “I love you Jenny” and she ran the other way.  We all know at least one “Jenny” in real life.  Not just women but men too who are drawn to hurt and pain.

Or just ask some husbands and wives to compare their spouse to their parents.  If they are honest they will tell you that they married someone like their father or mother.  And most of the time this was not intentional but “unconscious.”  In 2009 published an article titled “Why you’re likely to marry your parent” giving three reasons for this:
  • Comfort in familiarity
  • Righting old wrongs
  • Reclaiming personal history
A single man will do well to remember that attraction is not just physical, attraction is spiritual.  So what should you do?
  1. Make sure that you’re not bleeding spiritually
  2. Be committed to trusting God enough to take a relationship slowly
  3. Don’t sin against God or a woman by putting on fronts or lying
  4. Trust God enough to be single and celibate until marriage
  5. Test every spirit to see if it is of God. 
  6. And continually examine your own heart before God and in the company of brothers.
Do you agree that attraction is more than the physical? Do you believe it spiritual? Psychological?  Please post your thoughts below.

Yours in Christ,

Minister Onorio


  1. Grace and Peace Minister O. Excuse me for not posting here when the subject matter is in Blue Print for Manhood.


  2. No worries Charles! Your comments are so good and they start conversations. God bless you my brother!
    Minister Onorio

  3. This is so helpful to women as well! Thank you!. Minister Onorio! Yesenia Aguirre CCC member.

  4. Praise the Lord my sister! Thank you!


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